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Biography of Thomas Jennings, Invented Dry-Cleaning

Thomas Jennings (1791–Feb. 12, 1856), a free-born African-American and New Yorker who became a leader of the abolitionist movement, made his fortune as the inventor of a dry-cleaning process called â€Å"dry scouring.† Jennings was 30 years old when he received his patent on March 3, 1821 (U.S. patent 3306x), becoming the first African-American inventor to own the rights to his invention. Fast Facts: Thomas Jennings Known For: First African-American to be granted a patentAlso Known As: Thomas L. JenningsBorn: 1791 in  New York CityDied: Feb. 12, 1856 in  New York CitySpouse: ElizabethChildren: Matilda, Elizabeth, James E.Notable Quote: Among the leading matters which would occupy the attention of the meeting, were several important documents lately received from Europe, expressive of the sentiments that a very considerable portion of the people of the British Empire entertained respecting the deplorable situation of the colored people in the United States. Early Life and Career Jennings was born in 1791 in New York City.  He started his career as a tailor and eventually opened one of New York’s leading clothing shops. Inspired by frequent requests for cleaning advice, he began researching cleaning solutions. Jennings found that many of his customers were unhappy when their clothing became soiled. However, because of the material used to make the garments, conventional methods at the time were ineffective in cleaning them. Invents Dry Cleaning Jennings began experimenting with different solutions and cleaning agents. He tested them on various fabrics until he found the right combination to treat and clean them. He called his method â€Å"dry-scouring,† a process now known as dry cleaning. Jennings filed for a patent in 1820 and was granted a patent for the dry-scouring (dry cleaning) process he had invented just a year later.  Tragically, the original patent was lost in a fire. But by then, Jennings process of using solvents to clean clothes was well-known and widely heralded. Jennings spent the first money he earned from his patent on legal fees to buy his family out of slavery. After that, most of his income went to his abolitionist activities. In 1831, Jennings became assistant secretary for the First Annual Convention of the People of Color in Philadelphia. Legal Issues Luckily for Jennings, he filed his patent at the right time. Under the United States patent laws of 1793 and 1836, both slaves and free citizens could patent their inventions. However, in 1857, a slave-owner named Oscar Stuart patented a double cotton scraper that was invented by his slave. Historical records only show the real inventors name as being Ned. Stuarts reasoning for his action was that the master is the owner of the fruits of the labor of the slave both manual and intellectual. In 1858, the U.S. patent office changed its patent regulations in response to a Supreme Court case related to Stuarts patent called Oscar Stuart v. Ned. The court ruled in favor of Stuart, noting that slaves were not citizens and could not be granted patents. But surprisingly, in 1861, the Confederate States of America passed a law granting patent rights to slaves. In 1870, the U.S. government passed a patent law giving all American men including blacks the rights to their inventions. Later Years and Death Jennings daughter, Elizabeth, an activist like her father, was the plaintiff in a landmark lawsuit after being thrown off a New York City streetcar while on the way to church. With support from her father, Elizabeth sued the Third Avenue Railroad Company for discrimination and won her case in 1855. The day after the verdict, the company ordered its cars desegregated. After the incident, Jennings organized a movement against racial segregation in public transit in the city; the services were provided by private companies. The same year, Jennings was one of the founders of the Legal Rights Association, a group that organized challenges to discrimination and segregation and gained legal representation to take cases to court. Jennings died just a few years later in 1859, which was itself just a few years before the practiced he so reviled—slavery—was abolished. Legacy A decade after Elizabeth Jennings won her case, all New York City streetcar companies stopped practicing segregation. Jennings and his daughter had a hand the effort to desegregate public facilities, a movement that lasted well into the Civil Rights Era a century later. Indeed, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s 1963 I Have a Dream speech in Washington, D.C., echoed many of the convictions that Jennings and his daughter had expressed and fought for 100 years before. And the dry-scouring process Jennings invented is essentially the same method used by dry cleaning businesses worldwide to this day. Sources Chamberlain, Gaius. â€Å"Thomas Jennings.†Ã‚  The Black Inventor Online Museum, Gaius Chamberlain.â€Å"Thomas Jennings.†Ã‚  Ms. Darbus: Well Call It, Senior Year! Sharpay Evans: [Sarcastically] Genius.,, Kyle G. Moral Minorities and the Making of American Democracy. Oxford University Press, New York.

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Effects of Technology on the Cognitive and Physical...

As our generations and technological world has vastly began to develop and expand rapidly, a repeated debate of whether technology use for young babies and children is beneficial or harmful to the physical and cognitive development of the child. As research has taken place to determine more answers around this topic, experts and parents from all different generations cast their opinion on the matter. Research in New Zealand states that ‘Almost one in five of the 2-year-olds in the study were also regularly active on home computers, tablets and other mobile devices’ (Russell Blackstock, 2014). Benefits from using media and technology from a young age, suggest an increase in vocabulary, numeracy and social skills, through television programs that show cooperative behaviour. (Raising Children Networks, 2014) state that, it’s particularly ‘helpful if you get involved with your child and her use of media – for example, you can visit quality websites together, encourage use of educational software, and view TV shows offering extra learning opportunities.’ This leads to engagement with the content e.g. repeating and acknowledgement of words, numbers and objects, decision making skills. Even from a young age babies can develop knowledge for culture, problem solving skills and an early grasp of technology use, which will largely shape the generatio n they live in. Downsides are also present towards your baby using technology. The time that your baby spends on a technology device,Show MoreRelatedEffects Of Early Childhood Intervention Programs1437 Words   |  6 Pagesdebates on the effects of early childhood intervention programs such a preschool programs on future development, the positive interactions that children experience during early intervention programs are seen to be correlated to their future developmental skills in a positive manner. Although heritability has the potential to alter ones developmental skills, there are still many different modes to which most children can pertain information and in turn develop. The positive effects seen in the futureRead MoreTechnology Play: Advantages and Disadvantages for Development and Learning1724 Words   |  7 PagesYoung children are growing up in a technology environment. It is within this environment that traditional concepts of play are being influenced. Early childhood settings refle ct children’s environments therefore the introduction of technology would be a natural consequence. Play is central to children’s development and learning, consequently technology play is influential. To benefit children’s development and learning, technology play has to be inclusive and developmentally appropriate with attentionRead MorePlay Station And Video Games1710 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive Summary Play Station and video games are technologies used for entertainment across all age groups all around the world. The young children aged from 5 to 10 years old occupy the largest percentage of users. Today there is wide variety of games attributed to the advancement in technology. The report is a detailed documentation of the impact of gaming on children with references to recent scholarly articles. It also touches on other involved parties in the management of the media entertainmentRead MoreTechnology s Impact On Young Children1465 Words   |  6 Pagesstructure. It is believed that the use of technology can alter the wiring of the brain (Taylor 2012). When children are exposed to technology, it may condition the brain to pay attention to multiple stimuli; as a result become more distracted and cause decreased memory. Technology also hinders a child’s ability to empathise. They are less likely to pick up on non verbal cues, emotions, and awareness of expressions. Therefore , children with less physical contact tend to have trouble developing socialRead MoreIs Entertainment Technology Beneficial?902 Words   |  4 PagesIs entertainment technology beneficial to infants from birth to the age of two? Entertainment technology is the discipline of using manufactured or created components to enhance or make possible in any sort of entertainment experience( Entertainment technology is used for many different reasons as well as necessities such as work, school, communication, and social media. The rapid emergence of entertainment technology has changed the way the world works and interacts with each otherRead MoreThe Effects Of Technology On Developing Child1433 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Technology on the Developing Child Technology has transformed society and has become an important part in daily life in various forms, such as television, cell phones and computers. It has eased numerous tasks and issues in the educational, medical and engineering fields. It has also provided a means of communication to contact people around the world without difficulty. As society evolved and more technologies were developed to support the changes, parents depended more on these technologiesRead MoreThe Effects Of Media And Screen Time Children On Children917 Words   |  4 PagesWith the advancement in technology it has become common for infants, toddlers, and young children to be exposed to electronics such as televisions, computers, and videogames for hours at a time. Environmental factors affect children in significant ways. The effects the media and screen time children are revealed to influence their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Television and media can both hinder and encouraging the ir growth. It is important for guardians, caregivers, teachersRead Moreeffects of technology on children1279 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON CHILDREN In today’s world Technology is everywhere. We use computers for almost everything in everyday life, including â€Å"babysitting† our children. Computers can have both positive and negative effects on children, while some of the negative effects on health and development are unseen. As adults, we understand the physical world around us and the concepts inside computer programs. Children, on the other hand, need to learn this with traditionalRead MoreThesis Statement : Children Of The 21st1470 Words   |  6 PagesThesis statement: Children of the 21st have machines to do all of their work, and every information about any given thing is made available in the internet. But is this dependence costing them their childhood is our primary concern. Because this internet is replacing their physical activity with things which are not worthwhile. The use of internet is becoming more and more every day. Even children are using the internet more than they are allowed to. Recent studies show that about 10 yearsRead MoreThe Effects Of Educational Technology On The Classroom1345 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper: Effects of Educational Technology In the Classroom By: Nicole Ault Computer Science 313 October 1st, 2017 Abstract: This research paper includes several studies on the effects of children’s learning when incorporating technology into their lives. Overall, the studies mentioned can make technology be viewed as an aid or a hinder on a child’s cognitive development. For some people the advances of technology in today’s world can be viewed as

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Essay - 520 Words

Legalization of medical marijuana The green plant with many names like weed and bud, but more commonly known as Marijuana has been getting a lot of publicity because of the legalization of the plant in Oregon and Colorado for recreational use, yet its not legal for medical use in Ohio. Ohio is considered to be the next big state to legalize marijuana for medical use this november and could be a key state for legalization across the nation. Background The oldest recorded date for the plant was in 2727 B.C. by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. During the 17th century, The American government wanted the harvesting of marijuana for the production of clothing and rope. In 1619 the Virginia Assembly passed a law that required every farmer to†¦show more content†¦Bho oil is when weed is put into an air-tight container and butane is filled into it collecting trichomes. The butane is evaporated, leaving behind a waxy residue. Legalization in Ohio Marijuana today is currently â€Å"decriminalized† in Ohio. It is considered decriminalized because first time offenders of a small possession for personal use is usually treated like a minor traffic offense. Most ohio voters want legalization for adult recreational use, but the majority of people want the plant legalized for medical use only. The biggest age group that voted for the legalization came for 18-29 year olds. If Ohio were to legalize the plant for medical use it can keep peaceful people who use a plant for medicine for having bad records that could harm job opportunities. The government has tried to keep marijuana illegal for almost seventy years and has not succeeded to keep it out of the hands of Americans. Almost twenty-eight million people use weed annually. Mary Jane is currently Americas largest cash crop. If medicalized, weed could end turf wars between gangs over the plant, and also could bring an end to drug trades coming in from Mexico and Canada. It could also end the flow of united states money going to international crime gangs. If cannabis were legalized and regulated and taxed like other goods, it would bring huge amounts of money to the federal government. It’s estimated that the tax money generated from marijuana could be $2 billion annually if it were taxedShow MoreRelatedLegalization Of Medical Marijuana And Marijuana1486 Words   |  6 Pages Legalization of Medical Marijuana Name: Institution: Abstract In 1996, California set a pace that would lead to today’s debate on medical marijuana and marijuana as a whole by passing the Compassionate Use Act that allowed the use of medical marijuana. Other states have since followed the trend and school of thought, case in point; Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont andRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1314 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana is the most frequently abused illegal substance worldwide. Not only is there no legitimate medical use, it has been tied to physical, mental, and emotional damages. â€Å"Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds† (National Institute on Drug Abuse). There are many supporters of the legalization of medical marijuanaRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1558 Words   |  7 Pages Alaskan Thunderbolt Whether pro, con, user or bystander. The issue of the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana is one that infringes both in political and social standards. Be it that marijuana is subsequently abused, and utilized as an illegal drug. It is regarded highly, as a controversial issue which affects the amenity of conservative, modern America. Because of which one should further seek to understand. Things like its history, correlation with crime, effects on economy, effectsRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana866 Words   |  4 PagesJimmy Fulcher Mrs. Gallos English 3 31 October 2014 Legalization of medical marijuana in North Carolina Legalizing medical marijuana for North Carolina would be extremely beneficial. Marijuana does not only relieve stress but it can cure symptoms of cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, and Crohns’s disease. Twenty-three states have already legalized it and it has helped thousands of people. If something that is grown naturally in the earth can be beneficial to society and do the same job as all these drugsRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1957 Words   |  8 PagesMicki Mooberry Mr. Sullivan English III 15 September 2014 Legalization of Medical Cannabis Alzheimer disease, Glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, and over a hundred illnesses, all are adequately helped with this one drug that has been kept under lock and key by the law. Cannabis; marijuana; weed; a drug that has been around for thousands of years, yet not one death recorded, may be the most beneficial medicine out there. Cannabis is a drug that can be easily grown personally, or in a business, and is probablyRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1314 Words   |  6 Pages Thomas Gordon The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Health Care Research Utilization Marie Vasquez HCS 465 March 19, 2016 The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Marijuana is one of the most discussed and controversial topics in the U.S today. Many say that it has medicinal benefits and should be made legal. While many say that it has a â€Å"high potential for abuse† (Medical) and should remain illegal. Among the arguments, proponents for medical marijuana have presented a stronger argumentRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana2180 Words   |  9 PagesThe legalization of medical marijuana has brought into question various components of medical care for advance practice nurses (as well as others within the larger healthcare profession). In addition to navigating the legal complexities of care associated with this particular method, advance practice nurses must understand prescriptive rights, best practices for us and how statutory language as it is currently written has been amended for medical use. This is a growing movement in the healthcareRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana2985 Words   |  12 Pagesmany other nations as well, drug policy and the rationale behind these policies have started to undergo a tremendous shift. This change in public policy is visible to most through the ongoing legislation across America regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in 23 states, and recreational cannabis use becoming legal in 4 states as well (Hanson, 2015). This shift in public policy marks a significant turning point in the view of drugs and drug culture in the United States and reflects increasedRead MoreLegalization of Medical Marijuana Essay863 Words   |  4 PagesMedical Marijuana: A Topic Leaving People Up in Smoke Renee Grant ENC 1101-1002 Professor Bahle March 30, 2013 Medical Marijuana: A Topic Leaving People Up in Smoke Medical marijuana has been an ongoing fight between the federal government, physicians and patients. Contrary to many beliefs, marijuana, whether it is used for medical reasons or recreational is non-lethal. It has been proven to be useful in many medical conditions. There hasRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuana For Medical Use1537 Words   |  7 PagesLegalizing Medical Marijuana Elizabeth Vogt ENC 1101 Professor Ruppert Keiser University October 23, 2014 Abstract Many people have different opinions on the delicate topic of the legalization of marijuana for medical use. Although it could help those who suffer from chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), cachexia, spasticity, pain and rheumatoid arthritis, it also has a lot of negative side effects that many doctors and physicians are trying to inform the public. Some of these negative

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Fit Dna Lab - 721 Words

The FIT-DNA (cologuard) is the last stool test that is available for colorectal testing. The FIT DNA test combines the FIT with a test that detects altered DNA in the stool (CDC, 2017). The FIT test requires the entire stool sample to be sent to the lab for testing. No cards or poking the stool are required, only the stool sample itself. The cologuard test can be done in the privacy of your home and does not require a bowel prep, diet changes or time off from work (Exact Sciences, 2017) The FIT-DNA test is recommended to be completed every three years. Positive results are recommended to be followed up with a colonoscopy. Medicare covers this test at no cost beginning at age 50 to 85 years of age with a low risk and no symptoms of†¦show more content†¦Medicare covers this test beginning at age 50 or older (no co-insurance, co-pay or Part B deductible) when it is done for screening only. In some cases this screening method begins as a screening tool and turns into a diagnost ic measure. If the health care provider performing the test identifies any polyps or cancerous lesions that require removal and biopsy, the individual will be charged co-insurance or co-pay for the diagnostic testing (ACS, 2017 ). If a precancerous polyp or colorectal cancer is found, a colonoscopy would be required to visualize the entire colon to detect other polyps or cancer (ACS, 2017). The USPSTF (2016) found the benefit of this testing is less beneficial when it is done alone compared to when it is combined with an annual FIT. The availability of flexible sigmoidoscopies has declined in the United States (USPSTF, 2016). Colonoscopy The colonoscopy is similar to the flexible sigmoidoscopy, however, this scope is inserted into the anus and through the entire colon. It is recommended to get a colonoscopy every 10 years who are at average risk and every two years for those at high, such as individuals with IBD or HNPCC (ACS, 2017). Before the test occurs a bowel prep at home is done in order visualize the lining of the colon during the test (ACS, 2017). Specific instructions regarding medications, bowel prep and eating before the night before the test will be determined by the health care providerShow MoreRelatedAnimal and Plants Cell Structures700 Words   |  3 PagesStudent Sheet Name: Date: June 18, 2015 Instructor’s Name: Assignment: SCIE207 Phase 2 Lab Report Title: Animal and Plant Cell Structures Instructions: Your lab report will consist of the completed tables. Label each structure of the plant and animal cell with its description and function in the provided tables. When your lab report is complete, submit this document to your instructor in your assignment box. 1. Animal cell: Observe the diagram that shows the components ofRead MoreA Pre Observation Conference With Nikki Walker Essay734 Words   |  3 Pagesreplication process easier to understand by starting at the smaller part of the human, the cell. Additionally, the concept that DNA replicates into identical copies of itself is made simpler by first looking at plants and then later to animals.† 2. How does this learning â€Å"fit† in the sequence of learning for this class? â€Å"This fits into the sequence because we go from DNA to cell to tissues then organs then the organ systems.† 3. Briefly describe the students in this class, including those withRead MoreEssay On Mutation1657 Words   |  7 Pagesframeshift mutations. How are these mutations the same and how are they different? Silent, missense, and nonsense mutations all occur when base substitutions happen (text p.206). A base substitution is when the wrong nucleotide is incorporated during DNA synthesis, this is the most common mutation (lecture). In a silent mutation a base substitution occurs, incorporating an incorrect nucleotide, the result is a codon that codes for an amino acid that is the same as the wild type (text p. 206). In a missenseRead MoreEthical And Social Problems Of Genetic Engineering1478 Words   |  6 Pagesdeveloped to make cell growth faster, increase production, and protect against diseases. An organism that is produced through Genetic Engineering is called Genetically Modified Organism or GMO. The first GMO was a bacterium produced in 1973 in a lab and in 1982 Insulin became the first GMO commercialized product available to the public. In the 21st century, Genetic Engineering is affecting people across the world since most products such as corn, rice, insulin, and animal are genetically modifiedRead MoreUsage Of Restriction Enzymes Of Dna Fingerprinting1237 Words   |  5 Pages Usage of Restriction Enzymes in DNA Fingerprinting Analysis Jaclyn Napoli October 30, 2014 Cellular Processes Lab BSC 2010L.905 Lab Partner: Jessi Grillo Material and Methods To start off the experiment, 4 microtest tubes were labeled reaction tube 1 through 4. Using a micropipette, 10 microliters, ul, of Enzyme Reaction Buffer was dispensed into each of the 4 labeled reaction tubes. In reaction tubes 1 and 2, 15 ul of suspect 1’s DNA was added. Reaction tube 1 had 15 ul of EnzymeRead MoreEssay about Radio Lab: Inheritance840 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Radio Lab: Inheritance Go here: Listen to the free podcast and complete worksheet. You only need to listen to the first 3 stories. Though, the 4th is VERY interesting. 1. What was Lamarck’s big idea? What a person does in their lifetime could be directly passed to their kids. 2. What human example did Lamarck use? A blacksmith, because they swing hammers all day they get muscles and those muscles pass down to their kids. 3Read MoreWatson And Crick: Structure Of The Dna Molecule. Dna Was952 Words   |  4 PagesCrick: Structure of the DNA molecule DNA was first discovered by Friedrich Miescher in 1869. He found material in the nuclei of cells in discarded surgical bandages. Since this material was as yet unknown and came from the nucleus of cells he named it nuclein. As more became known about the material, it was later renamed nucleic acid and then deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. As DNA was further studied the components of the structure were isolated. Albrecht Kossel discovered that DNA had five primary nucleobasesRead Moresgsdfg Essay2403 Words   |  10 Pageschemicals we encounter everyday are molecular in structure. Molecules are specific combinations of atoms. The oxygen we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breathe out are both molecular in their structure. The DNA and proteins that combine to make us are molecular compounds. The wood in the lab bench is mostly cellulose, a large organic molecule. When choosing what unit to employ in a scientific measurement, it is important to consider both the size and type of measurement being made. For exampleRead MoreHuman Body Systems Career Journal974 Words   |  4 Pagesthat area. They primarily work in universities or at forensic labs. They would help in the categorization of deceased bodies and determining who the body or skeletal system belongs to. They assist in cases where you need to find out who someone is for detective cases. Entry #2 Activity: 1.3.2 Careers in Identify Definition DNA Analyst DNA Analyst Interview Q1. What college education do you need to meet the requirements to become a DNA analyst? A1. I needed a bachelor’s degree in molecular biologyRead MoreExamination Of A Crime Scene1640 Words   |  7 PagesSuccessful submission of collection log EXHIBIT No DESCRIPTION WHERE FOUND BY DATE AND TIME FK/1 Fingerprint Lifted from the doorframe, door handles, Baseball stick FK 17/11/15, 17:10PM FK/2 Pair of shoes On floor FK 17/11/15, 17:10PM FK/3 Blood (DNA SWAP) Blood found all over kitchen and have been swapped from kitchen floor FK 17/11/15, 17:10PM FK/4 4 pieces of Broken glass Near the left side of the victim body on kitchen floor FK 17/11/15, 17:10PM FK/5 Footwear lifted on magazine On the corner

Anti Violence Essay Free Essays

Anti violence essay Seven years ago I did not think violence existed in America. The most violent act ever committed was the tragedy of the World Trade Center in 9/11/01. The Trade Centers had been the target for something so horrible, and I thought at the time, ‘This will change the world. We will write a custom essay sample on Anti Violence Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now † I was right about that fact: our airports are more secure, we have to have pass-ports anywhere you go now, you have more thorough bagage checks, and they’re more selective as to what’s in your purse before boarding a plane. I think the most secure place in America right now is our power plants. They have increased security at all our power plants, including the nuclear plants, and also there is air space around each plant so planes have to keep their distance from them. Homeland Security is a common word in our homes today because of 9/11. I wanted to know how. Wanted to know why. Wanted to know what our leaders reactions would be. The world trade center killed many people that my friends knew and loved; that can never be replaced. This act changed the way my friends lived, loved, and acted in school. This spine-chilling nightmare was committed because terrorists took over three planes that flew into the giant buildings. The causes of this violence is the hatred between countries, states, or nations. The hatred is then passed down to the youth generation, because we hear, and see the dislike between the grown-ups. Children learn from the wisdom and actions of what the elders do. Shooting, stabbing, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and gang fights are a few examples of youth violence. All of these exist in schools, neighborhoods, malls, the movies and even in your own home on the internet. Schools have tried to stop it but there is still a lot of verbal abuse anywhere in the school system you go. Youth violence can be stopped by reporting abuse, shooting, stabbings, and anything to do with gangs. It can also be solved by not being the one that does bulling or any of the things listed above. I think it is funny how teachers wonder about why no one reports violence in America. My say on the matter is the kids are scared it will only get worse if we tell a teacher or principal or any adult because they use our name and our grade to the bully or person that Bothers you. How to cite Anti Violence Essay, Essay examples

Family free essay sample

When asked what I am most proud of, I automatically think of my family. I have been raised to believe that family is the most important thing in life, and I completely agree that they are. I wear my last name with pride, engraved in the very being I am. I know for a fact, that because I am a Brentano, I am who I am. My family has instilled love, faith, and strength into my character. Together, my family has celebrated triumphs and grieved over tragedies. Seven years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The man we knew walked into the hospital, and was wheeled out a changed man. Some people would think this would separate a family, but it only brought my family closer. I witnessed my grandmother display her strength by staying strong, her love by never leaving his side, and her patience by never doubting God. We will write a custom essay sample on Family or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I can only aspire to become the woman that my grandmother is. I am not only proud of my grandmother during this time, but every member of my family. Each member contributed their own strengths to help us make it through this trial. While we unveiled many strengths, we also opened up about our fears. Our grandfather getting sick was both a tragedy and an eye opener. It helped us realize that the most important people in our lives, were standing beside us the whole time. I suffer from Depression and Anxiety. I have opted to not take medication, to use other coping tools, like therapy, faith and writing to keep me strong. My family is at the core of those tools, they are the rock in my personal storm. I won’t say that every day is easy; everyday is difficult. It takes love and patience from my parents and sisters to get through every day, but it also taught me to be patient with myself, to love myself. As alone as the depression and the anxiety makes me feel, I know that I will never be alone. My family is always there, holding my hand, or pushing me to fight my storm. I know that I can walk through the hallways, and my sister or my cousin will pull me into their arms and lend me their smile. I can drive to my grandparent’s house and come away with a new found sense of pride in the family we are. Like every family, we have had our achievements and our struggles, our good days and our bad days, our little arguments and our moments of laughter. Yet when you ask me what I am most proud of, no matter what we go through or what happens, I know in my heart that my greatest pride in life is my family. And it always will be. Family reminds you that you are not alone, that you are strong, and important. My family has prepared me for the future, and I am very thankful for every thing they are. Family free essay sample The values of family members have direct effect on people’s behaviour and thingking. That is to say, the values of the society rely on people’s family values in a large degree. However, due to the difference of geographical and historical background, religion and belief, different nations have their own family values. A clear and direct contrast between Chinese and American family values can bridge over their communication gap. As a result, people start to acknowledge the existence of the two different family values, gradually get familiar with them, admit them and then finally melt. The paper analyzes family values from the following aspects including filial piety, marriage and family education. Chapter one is the introduction which studies the background of the research on family values including present studies at home and abroad, main contents and objectives of this paper. Chapter two manifests the definitions of family, values, and Chinese and American family values. We will write a custom essay sample on Family or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The paper elaborates different attitudes towards filial piety, marriage and family education in Chapter three.

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Entrepreneurship & Family Business Innovation in the UAE

Question: Discuss about theEntrepreneurship Family Business Innovation in the UAE. Answer: Introduction The major driver of any economy is the entrepreneurship, as it not only creates the job opportunities for others, but also contributes to the wealth of the economy. The fact that family business helps in ensuring that the entrepreneurial activities flourish for the coming generations, is not well known (Zgheib, 2017). In the following parts, a discussion has been carried on between how these two overlap each other. A specific emphasis has been given on the challenges and opportunities which are faced in UAE by the family business entrepreneurship. This has been done to establish that the family businesses innovations drive the economy of UAE. Discussion The definition of family business is very contextual, though, it can be said that a family business is one in which the majority voting remains in the hands of the family controlling the business, which is comprised of the founding fathers of the business and their heirs (May, 2015). The literature on family business covers the various issues regarding the transmission and succession of the business, where the focus has been over the issues like wealth management and governance for sustainability (Ezziane, Mazzawi Leleux, 2013). Over 80% of business in the Middle East is owned or controlled by such families who started as entrepreneurs, and later on diversified the interests of their business (Thomas, 2016). The majority of such businesses were incepted in the beginning of 1960s. However, their continuity is a matter of concern due to the generational changes that they have to face on rotational basis, and this is set to come as a problem in the next 5 to 10 years. The family businesses are not only strong but also unique in nature; moreover, they are crippled with the complexities. In addition to this, the same challenges are faced by such business, which a normal business faces. Furthermore, with the growth and expansion of business, as well as, the family, a range of specific problems are to be dealt with. The challenges of operating in intricate global economic environment are to be managed, which are coupled with the foreseeable changes in the generation (PwC, 2017). The conflict between the families al so poses a challenge for such businesses (PwC, 2016). As per the reports by Kets de Vries, 33% of the family businesses are able to carry on beyond the 1st generation, and a mere 10% survive past 3rd generation. In a similar manner, Astrachan and Shanker had showcased that 33% of the founders of the family business are able to make it to the 2nd generation, and this percentage drops to 12% for 3rd generation and by the 4th generation, this percentage shrinks further and comes up to a bleak 3%. In a family business, longevity fascinates the researchers. The intention to continue with the vision of forefathers and the intent to pass it on to the coming generations works in the favor of family businesses. So, even though the founders may not continue beyond 3-4 generations, but their vision is continued by the following generations. In other words, the long-lived family businesses continue to maintain their entrepreneurial orientations (Ezziane, Mazzawi Leleux, 2013). The key challenges faced by the family businesses come from within such businesses. And so, in order to grow, the internal challenges have to be dealt with, to ensure expansion and growth of the business. To do so, the family businesses have to make certain that they have fresh strategic insights; are able to attract, as well as, retain the key non-family managers; create and conserve their capital; create an organization which is both flexible and innovative; exploit the strategic advantages which are unique to their family ownership; and lastly, prepare a suitable successor for leadership (Khansaheb, 2008). There are various successful examples to show that the family businesses innovations are one of the key drivers of the UAEs economy. Most of the big companies in the Middle East are controlled by families. Moreover, some of the largest Western brands are managed by the local family businesses as franchise operations. But, the Seddiqi family has built on its own brand and legacy and has been immensely successful. Ahmed Seddiqi Sons represents over 60 luxury timepiece brands across 65 locations in UAE and is a trusted destination for jewellery and luxury watches in not only UAE, but also in the entire Middle East (PwC, 2016). The company, which was formulated in 1940s later half, continues to be owned and run by family (Bayt, 2017). Even after four generations, the company continues new ventures in real estate, education and healthcare services, through its holding company. Tapping on treating the customers as a long term friend, the company has maintained its significance since 1950s. Moreover, the family oriented working environment has further contributed in the companys success. Osama Ibrahim Seddiqi sits on Seddiqi Holdings Executive Committee and Board of Directors. And even though it is a family run business, they have recognized the value of bringing in skilled professionals from outside, which has helped them in overcoming the challenges faced by the traditionally run family businesses (PwC, 2016). The example of the family businesses innovations by the Seddiqi family has contributed widely to the economy of UAE. It has not only created more job opportunities in UAE, by expanding their business in different field, but through entrepreneurial ventures also, they have contributed in the economic growth of the nation. The example of Seddiqi family and their comparison with the traditionally run family businesses, depict how they have continued their business successfully and the manner in which they have dealt with the key challenges being faced by such businesses. Examples like these are the reason why the UAE is amongst the top economies of the world, at present. Conclusion In the preceding parts, the various opportunities and challenges which are faced by the family business entrepreneurships, with a specific emphasis on UAE had been highlighted. Through this discussion, it can be summarized that even though such businesses have a number of challenges, but by adopting the suggestions covered earlier, they have been able to successes. Moreover, the Seddiqi family presents as a successful example of the immense contribution of family businesses innovations towards the UAEs economy. This helped in establishing that the family businesses innovations drive the economy of UAE. References Bayt. (2017). Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons. Retrieved from: Ezziane, Z., Mazzawi, E., Leleux, B. (2013). Entrepreneurship in Family Business: Emerging Storyline 2. International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 4(3), 164. Khansaheb, A. (2008). Internationalization of Family Businesses in U.A.E. Retrieved from: May, P. (2015). 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